About MLS Custom Homes

     MLS Custom Homes has been building custom homes in College Station and surrounding areas for 10 years.   While we are not the oldest home building company, we pride ourselves in our workmanship and quality. MLS Custom Homes has strived to find the best team of sub-contractors in the area.  We are not the type of builder to go with the cheapest bid and sacrifice quality.  MLS Custom Homes strongly believes that the quality of custom homes in College Station and surrounding areas is the best around, and we want to carry on that tradition for years to come.   Most of our sub-contrators were found within the first few years of establishing and have been with MLS Custom Homes every since.  We believe that it takes a good team that works together well to build a quality cutom home.  At MLS Custom Homes we believe that another important part of the team is the customer.  We strive to have the best customer service available.  It is MLS Custom Homes goal to have a satisfied customer and a friend when the job is done.  We strongly encourage the customer to be involved in the building process every step of the way.  We ask that the customer visits the jobsite regularly to ensure that every last detail is exactly the way you want it.  Building a custom home should be a enjoyable experience, and with our team of contractors and vendors, you can rest assured that it will be.  

    Blane Cordes '05 has lived in College Station area for 13 years.  While in College here he worked jobs in the construction industry and even started a small deck building business.  His love for construction only grew with time.  After a while he teamed up with MLS-Development helping out with building subdivisions and spec homes on hard to sell lots.  After graduation he and ML Schehin Co-Founded the sister company MLS Custom Homes.  Blane is constantly studying and staying up to date with new building techniques and materials.  He has made it a goal to maintain a high quality of craftsmanship and personal touch in his custom homes.  He truly believes that he is not only building homes in this comunity, he is also building relationships.  "I plan on being in this community for a long time and I hope to have many repeat customers.  I think honesty and integrity is something that is lacking in the home building industry, and it gives us all a bad name.  I want to break that mold.  I think everyone deserves to have a well built home, something that they can enjoy for years to come."

M.L. Schehin